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Thursday, April 8, 2010

This ad is incredible...

I understand that the mainstream media will have its way with Tiger Woods as he returns to competitive golf this afternoon in arguably the most anticipated round of golf of all time.

And I realize that the majority of his sponsors have left his side after his admissions of infidelity in his marriage and subsequent hiatus from the game of golf.

But after watching this 30-second video I posted below, it had a Johnny Cash "God Will Cut You Down" feel to it. Maybe I'm being nostalgic and looking for the big story, but tell me you don't feel the same after watching this. I dare you.

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CorrSports said...

People are split on their reaction to this, and I happen to be wholeheartedly on the flip side of your take. I think it was a completely blatant attempt once again to try and control his outward personality to the public.

Woods definitely has taken a lot of heat -- too much -- for his actions. I thought he did an exceptional job at his press conference. But he should have let his press conference and golf do all the talking (he doesn't speak on the ad, but you know what I mean).

It was far too early to put some sort of have-sympathy, I've-learned-my-lesson ad out. Tiger's wife still is not at his side.

Nike and Tiger missed the mark big-time with this. I'm glad Stephen Colbert did a smart spoof of this, with Ward Cleaver and Gene Wilder doing the voice overs.

Don't try and re-brand yourself on a commercial. Re-brand yourself at home, with your golf game and interaction with the fans.